Commercial Issues and Contract Negotiation

I can help you understand the issues that might affect any contract that you will enter into as a business.

My work will cover an understanding of the contract terms, including those often described as “boilerplate”.  Why the terms are there, why they are important, and how they may affect your business.

I can help you prepare a head of agreement or memorandum of understanding when you are starting negotiations, or explain why you should or should not sign up to one that has been proposed.

I can help you prepare a standard set of terms, or a standard contract, on which you would supply goods or services, or on which you would buy goods or services.  I can assist you with negotiations on those terms where they are challenged or someone proposes their own terms.

If you want to expand your business, you may think about distribution, agency or even franchising.  They are all different and it is important to understand the differences before making a choice.  I can explain them to you, prepare the necessary agreements and help you put it all in place.

There are links here to a few information sheets which may help on some commercial areas.